—Book Launch—

G.I. Gurdjieff

Paris Meetings


(hardcover, xx + 364 pp., $38.00)

7:30pm–9:00pm, November 23, 2017
Women's Art Association of Canada
23 Prince Arthur Avenue, Toronto

Our launch evening will include readings from the book and refreshments. You may purchase a copy of the book at the launch. You may also order a copy online at Dolmen Meadow Editions.

This book contains 68 meetings from the year 1943, 51 of which have never been previously published in any language.

Here is a excerpt from the book of a meeting with Gurdjieff on Thursday, March 18, 1943:

“It is very good that this state has appeared in you. It shows that later you will be able to become someone responsible, a real man, and I love you in advance for that. But now it is necessary to struggle unceasingly. You must maintain a constant struggle between this passive state and your understanding. The more you want to do nothing, the more you must force yourself to act.

“You must struggle without mercy, and this struggle will produce the necessary substance to create in you, with my help, a real ‘ I ’ . ”

— G.I. Gurdjieff